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Instavolt arriving at Corley Services Southbound

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EDIT - They seem to be going in between the exit road from the carpark & the main building. Where the billboard is on Google Street View.
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Fantastic. Its been a couple of years. When I asked Instavolt about the delay they said it was the DNO @ Burton where I live but would not comment on Corley I assumed it was something to do with the EH monopoly. Instavolt also have another hub with planning on the Corley NB. Happy days ahead.
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Or Instavolt's "monopoly".
Not sure what you mean by that, EH have chargers on both sides of the M6 at Corley so by definition Instavolt do not have a monopoly. Maybe a challenge site by Instavolt to get a legal ruling in to break the EH stranglehold.
I think the Ecotricity exclusivity deal is and has been over for a while now.
They renewed a lot for instance 10 years with welcome break. At the Commons Committee this year it was bought up and could not be discussed in open session - it had to be discussed in a back room. Maybe a gentlemans agreement of some sort or EH charging fees to not strictly enforce its monopoly agreement(s). We will never know as they are "confidential". Whatever it is things on the ground are changing and that has to be good news.
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Maybe EH exclusivity only extends to being the ones outside the main building
The Commons committee started to discuss the Chargemaster/Polar (before BP takeover) And Chargemaster said they were being blocked from installing at MSA's. This must have changed as BP are now installing at some MSA's as well.
Brilliant stuff. I wonder what the deal was with EH on MSA's. Instavolt is now about double the size of EH. I just do not think EH can catch up or survive if this happens at every MSA.
Hopefully this might mean Welcome Break have teamed up with Instavolt and sent ecotricity packing.
That would be a dream come true.
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EH never had a complete monopoly. It is more like no one else was ready to make the invesment.
Have you a source for that ? The Parlimentary committee heard from Polar they were prevented from installing at MSA's by the EH monopoly and then were not allowed to discuss it in open session. They had to hold a "private" meeting with the committee. Instavolt and others have been champing at the bit to install at MSA's. So how did you find out about the EH not having a monopoly ?
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Multiple locations that are not entirely EH.

There is likely a non compete in force only at some locations.
I only knew of Tesla ones - only information was the court case reporting and even the outcome and agreement has never been published. Same as the EH agreements with the MSA's - kept secret. In the last year some sites have had other companies installing - probably because of the government pressure after the commons committee. Do you not think it strange that all the other companies installed anywhere but at MSA's ? And the parlimentary committee was questioned about the monopoly and at least one company said it had been blocked ?
There was and is an EH exclusive agreements in place. Evidence to the transport committee mentions it in evidence and Dale bless him admits it.. Dale said Tesla had tried to circumvent his exclusivity deals with MSA's. Reported after the court case between Tesla and EH. In the Independent for one but behind a paywall. Guilty as charged I would say for crimes against EV's and the planet.
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Quite a reason to be hopeful, but, it's Ecotricity. Not much of a reputation to go on. I live in hope.
I think it needs:-
1/ Reliable chargers
2/ Excellent quick maintenance (even the best chargers will fail at some time)
3/ Proactive customer focused management
4/ Investment in hardware software and people

99% of the EH will still be a shambles after Rugby is commishioned.

One site will have 1/ one site may have 2/ anything involving Dale will never have 3/ and 4/
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BP/Chargemaster are the ones lobbying to kick EH off the services.
I think you will find they were lobbying to have access to MSA's. Not kick out EH. EH got two stars in the survey. These were for location and facilities. If they were not at MSA's they would have gotten any stars at all. EH were the ones running the show they were the ones responsible for choosing DBT's and the maintenance. They chose the cheapest option on both counts getting most for free.

Someone in one of the threads suggested Tesla were paying for the Rugby EH chargers presumably if that was true then it must be part of the secret settlement. We can only hope that Tesla are responsible or paying for the maintenance as well.
BP/Chargemaster are putting in rapids at MSA forecourts. The plans I've seen show only 2 rapids per location.
You have answere the wrong question. My reply was to the one where you said BP wanted EH barred from MSA's
That isn't happening.
Dale said not in parnership. He did not say Tesla were not paying for it one way or another. Question is who is paying for the chargers ? And if there is a maintenance contract who is paying for that ? EH accounts have never shown any money spent on chargers or maintenance. I do not think we will ever know to be honest.
Semantics. While that does not preclude them using money from a settlment, I read that as EH will have nothing more to do with Tesla.

Of course there had to be some communication during the planning. The chargers are right next to each other.

I dunno. Dale may not know everything his employees are doing.
Hi Andy,
I suppose I am dragging up the old threads about the court case with Tesla and the EH. Someone recently summised about the high power chargers for EH might be being paid for by Tesla. But who knows ? As part of the settlement Tesla were allowed to install their chargers at MSA's but it's fascinating what EH got out of it considering they were argably the injured party. And why are they struggling for cash ?
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