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Instavolt arriving at Corley Services Southbound

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EDIT - They seem to be going in between the exit road from the carpark & the main building. Where the billboard is on Google Street View.
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BP are installing their 150kW Rapids on their forecourts. Maybe the Ecotricity exclusivity deal didn’t extend to the filling station part of the MSA. It’s often a reasonable trek to the main building with no dedicated path as usually you stop there to refuel on the way out.
I'd be interested to know who would use these. I can only imagine them being a last resort if the ones in the main car park are all broken or in use. This also raises the question of what happens to the fuel forecourt once there aren't any ICE vehicles on the road. Change it to an EV charging hub would be the obvious answer... but then you've effectively turned it into a services area within a services area!

I can see services being remodelled eventually to remove the fuel forecourt, and make it so the main building is accessible to all the car parking/charging.
The bulk of the chargers are next to the power substations at the back of the car park. I pointed out to the developers that this is not friendly to disabled drivers who benefit from EVs not needing adaption. Of course the answer was they are away from the amenities to prevent iceing... that isn't good enough if you are disabled.
To be fair, the existing chargers are out the front of the building, so disabled drivers could use those... if they are free and working (OK, big IF). They would be a fairly good candidate for marking the bays as disabled only, if it wasn't for the fact they can charge non-CCS cars that the others can't.
1 - 2 of 97 Posts
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