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Instavolt arriving at Corley Services Southbound

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EDIT - They seem to be going in between the exit road from the carpark & the main building. Where the billboard is on Google Street View.
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I struggled to rationalise the photo in that tweet to the plans, but have now realised it is further east than the planned charger location referenced. The building in the background looks to be the main services building and the carpark with (most) of the submissions is off to the right, out of shot. The carpark area in the tweet is actually at the top end of the lorry park, hence the lorries, which were also throwing me. That and the street view images being almost 10 years out of date...

Do we actually know for certain these are charger works?

Instavolt seem to have been collecting planing permissions for Corley.
For Southbound there are:
  • the original 6x aplication to the left of the main building entrance PAP/2017/0616 approved 02/01/18 validity 3y, so effectively expires at the end of this year unless work starts.
  • soon after a 2x application at the petrol station entrance PAP/2018/0056 approved 12/03/18 validity 3y
  • then 8x at the back of the car park between the two entrances PAP/2019/0047 approved 21/03/19 validity 3y
  • now 7x to the right of the carpark exit PAP/2020/0078 approved 25/03/20 validity 3y

There are corresponding applications for Northbound.
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1 - 1 of 97 Posts
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