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Yesterday evening I used an one of a pair of instavolt chargers at KFC just off the M1 near chesterfield that apparently share 125kw.
I was there 1st plugged in, went to get my fried food, when I came back to the car I had 50% and was charging at just over 70kw (pretty much full bore for a Kona). I presume the etron was getting the other 50 ish kw. That was more than enough charge so I left straight away.
So my charging didn't seem to slow down at all, fair enough I was there first? What happens if the etron is there 1st? Their car can take the whole 125kw, presumably it slows down a bit to let a second car charge slowly though? How much? Does anyone know how instavolt decide how much power each car is allowed to take?
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