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I must confess that I have found the complete opposite. Hardly a journey goes without the car attracting some kind of interest which ranges from straight head turning to comments such as "sorry I was staring but I haven't seen one of these before - what is it? Is is electric?" my wife tells me I'm becoming a complete bore explaining the mechanics time and time again. The other thing is that it doesn't attract just one age group. For instance the other day we were just going back to the car when the elderly couple in front stopped to comment on it to each other (another excuse for my spiel). We then went through the local Drive Through to buy a coffee and were prevented from driving off by a young chap holding a crash helmet who wanted to know all about the Ampera. I honestly could not count the number of times I have talked about it to complete strangers.
My experience is also born out by the majority of press reports on the car which invariably allude to the surprise at how much attention the car attracts. I'm sorry but I cannot comment on your neighbours!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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