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Zoe ZE50 GT-Line R135 Rapid Charge in Flame Red 😀
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Found an interesting book called The Electric Car Guide by Michael Boxwell who also has an associated website - The Electric Car Guide. Some content is aimed at those considering an EV but there's also other interesting stuff for those who've already taken the plunge. For example an evaluation of the "real" CO2 emissions of both EV's and ICE taking into account fuel extraction, processing and transportation as well as for EV's on different electricity generation fuel mixes.

The website also has interesting links such as this - How green is an electric car? that shows almost real time emissions figures if you are charging right now based on the current mix of power stations supplying the grid. All worth a look IMO.

I borrowed my copy for free on Kindle using a 30 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited (allows you to borrow up to 10 books at a time). After the free trial period this costs £7.99 per month so cancel the subscription immediately if you know you only want the free trial otherwise your account will be debited £7.99 per month starting 30 days later (you still get 30 days for free).
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