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I cycle a lot, commuting. Also cycle weekends and holidays.
So now things are opening up a bit I thought I needed to find a way of getting away with my bikes.
I'm not a fan of roofracks or bootracks both have their obvious drawbacks, drag and wet bikes.
So I dismantled an old bootrack and adopted for use inside my leaf.
With the back seats folds and protected with foam treaded mats

Front wheels out and forks clamped into the two clamps here, the bikes are eased in rear first with the seat back fully protected with the foam tread mats

Bikes safely stowed, trip planned.
Headed for loch tay yesterday, Kenmore.
Parked up opposite the eon charge points and checked out the eon app to possibly charge while away cycling only to find they need a minimum £15.00 in your account.
Headed out on the bikes along the south side of loch tay an out and back route with a detour to the falls of acharn on the way back
Opting not to give eon a minimum £15. We headed to aberfeldy to the CPS chademo charger, 25 minutes later back to 90% and heading home.
A 135 mile round trip with a bit of motorway and a picturesque part through the sma Glen 😀
It's easy in an EV
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