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Tethered .vs. untethered is a very personal choice imho. I went for untethered, as my EVSE lives inside gge & can run the 10m cable under the gge door & close it as well, (nice large gap to keep the mice happy!), and it lets me take the same cable on trips out when I hope to AC charge somewhere/holidays. The tethered cables seem to be shorter for some reason, max I've seen is (I think) about 8m? OTOH untethered costs more initially, as you have extra plug & socket in total. If the EV mfr gives you a "free" Type-2 cable, that's probably 5m long, and may or may not reach your EVSE. If it reaches, why pay for 2 cables? May as well go untethered.

If your EVSE's outside, then tethered is surely nicer, as taking the thing right off every time to stop it being nicked/look tidier is a pain, apparently, though some here have fitted padlocks & retaining hoops etc which in effect make them "tethered".
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