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Through a post on EV-AS I spotted an article saying that Inverclyde Council in the west of Scotland will be installing 5 charging points via a £78,000 Transport Scotland grant.


That is providing a triple headed 50kW Rapid Charger in Gourock, 3 x 22kW fast chargers (1 in Port Glasgow, 1 in Kilmacolm and 1 in Greenock) and 1 x 7 kW charge post in what sounds like a council depot.

The article finishes with:

"Under the terms of the grant, installation must be complete by 31 March next year. Charges of between £8 and £10 per session are proposed."

As my car does not use a rapid charger I have no experience with them but from what I read on here is that not far too high a price point?

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