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I’m just wondering if anyone can give some advice with an upcoming test drive I’ve arranged on Monday, what do I need to look out for during the test drive?

The car has 7k miles on the clock and is a 69 plate and is a premium se.

I did have a leaf + in my sights but have decided to discount Nissan as I don’t like the way their customer service works or should I say lack of!

To give a bit of back ground, I coming from a Merc E320 cdi w211, which has done its job well for what it was brought for, ie 140mile round trip to rebuild a house, over 18 months.
Now I’m working local within a 20 mile radius but with regular ish 100+ mile trips.
We already own a Mg ZS ev, had it from new last year, been so impressed with it the Merc hasn’t moved for six months! So Mrs S hasn’t had a chance to drive her car, even the kids like it.

I’m also looking at the MG5 exclusive, had a look at one, but was a bit disappointed with the car I looked at, which only had 3k miles on it, but was absolutely trashed, how they can even think of selling it in the state it was in, I just don’t understand. (This is an MG dealer!)
One thing that stood out for me was the boot, which although was quite large, the access through the hatch is a bit on the .....small side... very disappointing, plus the so called folding seats aren’t
They just fold a little bit forward onto the squabs, so all told a bit crap really, Especially after all the hype online.

So the only other leccy car that I could find that could work for me is the Ioniq.
If I decide to go for one then I will have to buy outright as I’m self employed, unless someone offers a blindingly good deal on pcp, but i can’t see that happening.

Thankyou for reading my ramblings.

So does anyone have any advice?
Make sure it is the 38kWh... There isn't really much to check - it's a solidly built car tbh. I've owned one for about 18 months and have no real complaints - except that the charging could be faster.
It should have 5 years worth of connectivity - sat nav + bluelink etc from registration date
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