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Title is misleading, but article quickly states the reality. What it gets is V2L - vehicle to load - which gives the ability to provide a few kW via an adaptor fitted to the charging port. Could be really useful, but it's not true V2G capability as I understand it.
I think that you haven't read the full article.
It states:

It now looks like the IONIQ 5 will be getting full Vehicle to Grid capability, according to a new Smart Grid project announcement in the Netherlands. The joint project between Hyundai, City of Utrecht and We Drive Solar aims to use a fleet of IONIQ 5 cars and 500 V2G charging stations to create a true Smart Grid in Utrecht.
But the article itself is also confusing V2G with V2H. These are different concepts.
Personally, I think that V2G is not profitable for the car owner, getting pennies to tap from your battery while degrading it, but V2H can be if the car's batteries are used as home batteries.

As for V2L, if it impacts the production costs significantly, I don't see the point of putting it standard on the car and it could actually work out to be a mistake.
Seeing how Setec prices their portable system with similar outputs, those are not cheap.
V2L never caught on with the Nissan Leaf crowd, people don't have enough of a use for it to justify the cost.
Most who need this capability such as market stall businesses, also already own a generator.

More on this here:
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