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Hi all

My Ioniq BEV is not charging and is showing the !EV warning light along with "Check electric vehicle system". I was wondering if anyone had seen this before and if there was a home fix. The car is leased so it shouldn't be a problem getting it fixed as long as the local dealer stays open in the coming days.

The car drives fine, no difference at all. The problem first came to light when it failed to charge overnight in the week - I thought I had done something in the charging schedule and so I put it on 'charge now' and plugged it in. I saw the usual charger light on the dash, my EO home charger ticked on as normal, showing the usual green light and I thought no more of it till the next day. On the next journey I went a mile or so before I looked and saw it was still at 40 miles range!

I put it on charge again at home however this time I noticed a sound like a ticking clock behind the dash. It ticks several times before stopping. Nothing else seems to happen after that.

Suspecting the charger I switched it off at the fuse for a while, then turned it on but the car behaves the same way. I also tried the granny charger in case the main one was faulty but it also behaves the same way, so a charger fault seems unlikely. I might try at the local rapid charger later in case that keeps it running till I can get it in to the dealer. In practical terms the wife's car is available given that we are travelling a lot less these days.

What I'd like to ask if anyone has any more info on this fault and if anyone knows of a way to reset the car's charging system at home. Such a shame, it has been a good car and faultless up to now. An image of the dash and the granny charger display are below.

Ta in advance


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