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Ionity- am I doing something wrong?

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Stopped at cobham services for lunch. Didn’t need to charge but thought I’d try out the ionity chargers ahead of if I need them another time.

Plug in, says connected, and gives two choices - member or just pay direct. I try pressing the ‘direct’ side but it’s not a button, juts a message. So I tap my card and get an authorisation error message. Try a different card, try a different stall, same thing

then I spot a QR code on the cabinet and scan it. Apparently this is what you have to do - go to a mini web page, tell it which charger, then enter credit card details? It seemed to work but it’s such a faff. Better than RFID card or app, sure - but these have contactless pads (or looks like it) so why can’t I just pay with that directly?

if they’re all like this I’ll probably add them to my ‘only as a last resort’ list. If they’d been more convenient the price wouldn’t have been too much of an issue
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Ionity isn't contactless. You need to use the website, App or RFID card. Chargepoint's card is the cheapest way to access it, but you can also use the likes of Octopus or Shell Cards too.
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It seems strange that they don't take contactless bank cards but, coupled with their high prices, it fits in with the idea that they don't really want casual users.
Thanks. Onto the ‘only if desperate’ pile then. Shame as they were blooming quick once I’d finished faffing about
Onto the ‘only if desperate’ pile then
For a minute I was trying to work out what Onto had to do with it, and why they'd be desperate, then I re-read and realised you're not talking about the subscription company (where we get Shell cards that work with Ionity).

I had a brief chat the last time I used Ionity - a poor bloke who was trying to charge using a payment card, I think he was facing the old "chip + pin" problem that many card users face and had to resort to I think a third payment card before he could start charging. It was hard to communicate as he had a cochlear implant and I had trouble understanding him, I felt really bad for him and was very happy to see he got charging eventually.
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