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We've had the car for 3 weeks now and as part of staying home, been looking at the infotainment system sitting in the car on the drive when not driving for some groceries.
For the most part, I like it a lot, but after our 2014 Outlander PHEV, we're probably an easy public.

Our car got delivered with a 4G Sim card through which the remote access Phone App receives the car location, is able to start the aircon and show you the remaining charge. However that SIM didn’t appear to provide much service other than that. Turns out it needed activating, which I did by going to the ubigi website on the cars browser. Create an account and finally you get service. Only problem in my case is that there’s not mention of needing to do that in the papers we’ve been given from the lease company which led to a very frustrating experience with the Maps application.

We find the maps very clear and nice to look at but at first i didn’t understand why it took so long to find the location entered and work out a route. That was due to the internet access not being set-up (see above). I was as well a bit taken aback seeing a message that maps updates were available and we needed to go to a jaguar.here.com to download them ! Very useless and confusing message as I found out you actually need to register to a separate mapping service which you can do straight from the car.
I did the registration on a PC. The site told me that the iPace being a connected car, I should just login on the car mapping system rather that download a map update. It's a one off so not a big deal but that is more confusing that needs to be.
Of course, I don't have much feedback on guidance around traffic hotspots at the moment but one excellent feature is you can plan your route on the PC and it's there in the car when you start. There's also a phone app but doesn't appear to work with recent phones running Android 10.

You can also use your phone for mapping via Android Auto in our case. The map display is not as crisp as the car's own system and doesn't look as clear. Also it's only on the main screen and the native maps still show on the drivers display unless there's a trick I've not found yet. Another problem is that it seems that the place where you leave the phone to rest might impede the GPS reception. The Jury is still out.

Connecting a phone via bluetooth is as easy as you'd expect and the display of the current song playing from Spotify works well. You can skip to the next track using steering wheels buttons.
You have more control of course when using Android Auto with your music app being displayed on the big central screen.

Early days but one thing I've noticed is that the ODO pretty much agrees with speeds displayed by Waze and also the roadside speed radars (the ones that warn you by showing your current speed)

The reversing cameras is very good indeed, bright and clear, if you press the on screen button you actually see a wider view, including the sides of the rear of the car. Very good when reversing out of a parking space.

That's all I've picked up for now.

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That sounds great. I was concerned that it would be very laggy and bug prone because it seemed similar to an early LR Velar system I tried out, but looks like they've done a lot of work. The iPace is a very smart car and looks very well put together. Glad you're enjoying it.
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