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Hello all,
I'm new to this forum, so be gentle as I ask a series of possibly stupid questions.
We've currently got two cars, Honda Accord Touring and a Leaf 30. The Accord very rarely gets driven these days as a change of job for me means I don't need it for the commute any more so it is only used for drives out of the range of the Leaf.
The Leaf is now the workhorse of the family and gets used by my wife to ferry two small kids around, shopping trips and her ~40 mile round trip commute.

Seeing as I have to jump start the Accord whenever I want to use it (that's how rarely it is used) it makes sense to go down to one car to do it all and we've pretty much set on a Passat GTE, especially as my wife's commute will be coming down to ~25 miles round trip.

I'm pretty much set on the virtual cockpit dash, full leather (two small kids make a mess) and I'd like the sunroof and head up display but they're not deal breakers, so it looks like the Advance is the way to go.

Being a bit of a cheap skate I'd like as new a car as possible but £0 VED, so as the title asks, is a 17 Reg £0 VED Advance possible?

As a bonus question for anyone who as read all of this, should I be scared of 50k+ mileage if all of the servicing is in order?

Thanks all,
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