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As Elon Musk said, even if all cars produced now were electric, it would take 20 years to "electrify the fleet".

Have to consider used cars too, once the new cars have improved and people move on to those, the used fleet is ever more attractive. It's not like people seeing a new model or a new variation, people are seeing a new technology, you can't calculate it in the same way as a new version of a current tech. Like when smart phones suddenly took off, eople were still buying phones, but they were ditching the old tech pretty quick when they saw the perceived benefits of the new. I think it will go faster than some are predicting.

Yes it will take several years, but it will grow at a good rate I'm sure.

One of the main problems now is hardly anyone will try to sell you an EV (person or company) you have to go out of your way to pick one. That's got to change.
1 - 3 of 71 Posts
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