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Is the tipping point in view?

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We have just returned from our annual holiday to Lake Guarda in Northern Italy, a trip of about 2500 miles including driving whilst there. We always go in our Transporter as being a family of Celiacs we bring home a years supply of pasta etc so need a the space.

In the 7 years we have driven, we have never seen an EV, not one! until this year.
In England both ends of the trip where too dark so don't know what we passed.
In France, Switzerland and Italy however we spotted…….
1 Zoe
1 Tesla Roadster
2 Amperas
5 Model S's
and 11 Outlanders.

IMO Tesla and Mitsubishi seem to have got the pricing and products that we want. When will others follow suit and give us cars that compete with an ICE on a like for like basis?
If the Outlander in particular continues to sell as it has in the last few months I think that the mistic tipping point might actually be in sight:)
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EV sales are doubling every year. What point is tipping point? Not sure but it will happen.

if sales are doubling every year then the growth is (almost) quadratic, it really is going to accelerate fast.
That's the point it is inevitable now.
1 - 2 of 71 Posts
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