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I noticed this post on Leaf Talk and I feel it is of sufficient importance to Leaf owners that I felt it right to post here (@Paul if this is not OK please just say...):

This is from Leaf Talk...
Nissan's response to two issues has prompted me to start this thread.
1. The rapid charger at Nissan Motorline Tunbridge Wells has been out of action since at least 13th April.
2. Nissan Ancaster Bromley does not have a rapid charger (and it would be useful to me (and others?) if it did).

Due to issue 1, I telephoned Nissan EV Customer Services and spoke to Gerry. I asked him when the Tunbridge Wells rapid charger would be repaired. He advised me that he knew that there was an issue with the Nissan rapid chargers which was being sorted out but that they should be working in the meantime until taken out of action for repair/upgrade and I should check that it was definitely not working. Since I was on the phone I asked him about issue 2. Gerry agreed that the dealers should each be fitting a rapid charger which was available 24/7. I asked how Nissan would get them to do this? He suggested that I (as a potential customer of a free to use expensive rapid charger) should contact the dealer and ask them to install one. I said that I didn't think that this was a satisfactory answer so Gerry offered to go away and find out more about both issues and come back to me by email the next day.

In the meantime, I checked that the Tunbridge Wells rapid charger was definitely kaput. (It is - ground fault. I was told today that the repair date might be 7th May). I also contacted Nissan Ancaster Bromley and asked them if they had any plans to fit a rapid charger. They do not intend to install one so I pointed out that Nissan required them to....

As I did not get an email from Gerry, I contacted Nissan EV Customer Services today through webchat. Gerry then rang me to update me on both issues. His response surprised and shocked me. He has raised the issue well above his pay grade and the response to both issues is the same. Nissan now considers that the rapid charge network has improved to the extent that rapid chargers are no longer needed at Nissan dealers! Nissan is no longer requiring dealers to fit rapid chargers - it's up to them. Those dealers that have rapid chargers do not have to keep them working if they don't want to. Gerry even mentioned on the phone that one of the issues (with 24/7 rapid chargers) is non-Nissan vehicles using them.

This is not what I was told when I bought a Leaf and, from the comments I have read on these forums, others have also been told that Nissan is fitting 24/7 rapid chargers at its dealerships. I put this to Gerry and he told me that I could raise a complaint but he didn't think that it would get very far. I said that I wouldn't bother until I had hundreds of Leaf owners complaining about the same issue and that is why I have started this thread. I asked Gerry to confirm what he had said over the phone on an email. He was immediately very cagey but I asked him to please send me something. So here is the official Nissan response to Rapid charging at Nissan dealers:
"Thank you for contacting Nissan Customer Service on the 30/1/14 [wrong date], regarding Charging point at Nissan dealerships.
I would like to confirm that any charging station issues in regards to installation, repair or general technical support is handled by the dealership themselves and Nissan would be happy to assist them anyway they can but are not obliged to have a charging stations fitted due to the increase of the infrastructure.
If the dealership is requesting parts or advice from nissan regarding this and it needs chasing up the
[sic] are provided a dealer support number."

IMHO this is not acceptable. What do you all think?
Full thread here: http://www.leaftalk.co.uk/showthrea...end-of-the-Nissan-dealer-rapid-charge-network

My take on this is:
  1. The early dealers (1st 26) were required to install rapids. Subsequent dealers were not
  2. Nissan has never said that dealers must make their chargers available 24/7... only that they would encourage them to do so. In fact, because of impracticality of having a charger available outside business hours for most it was always likely that most dealers would not be able to make their rapids available 24/7 even if they wanted to do so.
  3. Nissan has built their Leaf sales based on the guarantee that Leaf owners could charge at dealers that had chargers and that there was no likelihood that dealers would remove these chargers. To pull the plug now would be ignoring their commitment to their existing customers.
  4. If dealers that sell the Leaf do not have a rapid then how can they charge the cars they service? I see it as an essential component in the Leaf package.
  5. Regardless of all this hoohaa... we should recognise that most dealers are independent businesses and not owned or controlled by Nissan and so Nissan has limited control over their actions.
I would be disappointed to see any decline in the Nissan network of rapid chargers and if it is allowed to decline then surely this must be a step backwards. If I was buying a new Leaf today then I would like to think that any Nissan dealer I took my car to for servicing would be able to rapid charge it for testing purposes and also to allow me to collect the car with enough range to get me home!

I hope that the detail of this report is proved not to be true.

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Response posted on Leaf Talk from Nissan GB... it would be nice if they frequented here as well... oh well... perhaps one day...

Hi Si, thanks for sharing your experiences - we're very sorry to hear about your concerns.

Hopefully the rapid charger at the dealership in Tunbridge Wells will be fixed shortly, but we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the outage.

Secondly, our aim is to have a rapid charger at as many dealerships as possible - this won't change. As the majority of dealerships are private companies, it is entirely their decision as to whether they will install one or not. However, we are continually looking to install rapid chargers at more dealerships.

All private retail and Motability customers who buy a new LEAF (not used or ex-demo) from one of 205 Nissan outlets benefit from our CARE EV pledge, which includes this promise:

"LEAF customers may rapid charge their vehicle for free at 60 Nissan dealerships across the country. LEAF owners can also charge at the 50 and growing locations equipped with rapid charging units installed by Nissan as part of Ecotricity's Electric Highway. Powered by sustainably sourced electricity from wind and solar power and located at key service stations up and down the UK's motorway network, these rapid chargers can charge the new Nissan LEAF from empty to 80% in just 30 minutes." (You can find out more about the pledge here: http://www.nissan.co.uk/GB/en/vehicl...-benefits.html)

As you may know, there are now significantly more locations than mentioned here. The rapid charger network is expanding at a phenomenal rate, which is great news for LEAF owners and EV drivers in general.

Hope this helps and apologies for any confusion.

Many thanks, Nissan UK

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Sad to hear that you can't charge at a Nissan garage if you buy a second hand Leaf (or even an ex-demo one)
I bought a demonstrator from Nissan Oswestry a month ago, and was invited to use their on site charger - never found the need because I charge up at home - free today-the sun's out on my PV. Walsall Nissan would have been happy for me to use their rapid charger simply as a Leaf owner if it hadn't been demolished by a customer, and even then offered to hitch me up to a 13 amp socket, which would have done me fine. Didn't make the trip eventually, but thanks to Gary, their sales guy. But, as I said in another post, Nissan Chester are shown on the web as having a charger, but .three weeks ago hadn't, nearly leaving me stranded.
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