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Why do nissan sell the benefits of public charging, but don't include a type 2 charging cable for you to use? Then charge nearly £500 to buy one. That's a hell of a lot of parking tickets and electricity that you may never save.
You've bought a model with a 3kW charging system then? Using a public charging point in the type 1 connector will take a very long time to charge, so you'll have been provided with an EVSE cable for domestic charging overnight. 6kW charging is a more bearable at public charging points, so a type 1 - 2 cable is supplied instead, and a home charging point required to charge on a domestic supply.

Depending on trim level, you'll have a 50kW chademo connector for public charging. These all have connectors tethered to the public charging point, so no cable is required.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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