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Just what is 'vampire drain' energy been used for?

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Last two nights we've been away from home so not plugging in the car.

Monday night parked up with 50% SOC, in the morning it was down to 45% - followed by an option to 'update' the software even though the car had no access to Wifi.

Last night parked up with 30% SOC - turned off 'always on', passive entry, turned on energy save, in the morning 29%.

So clearly when you 'turn off' some of the options the vampire drain drops dramatically, which makes wonder what on earth the car is doing to use so much energy in 'normal' mode. Is it something to do with it constantly reporting back to base , and software updates etc been pushed??
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I see your phone charge has increased from 68% to 99%. Could the 6% vampire losses be due to you charging it up from the car? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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