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Hi, I'm using a Kaluza (smart+) charger with a Tesla Model 3 on the Octopus supplier tariff. I have read on some other threads that you can't set off peak charging and departure times together but that's not my experience - I've had it set to charge during the off peak period (0030-0430) and then precondition the car for departure at 07.00.
This has worked perfectly for about 2 months, but over the last 3 weeks it has completely failed to charge overnight, on about 5 occasions.
I've also noticed that if I use the 'boost' function, it won't start charging until I hit the 'start charging' button on the Tesla app.
Some forums talk about handshake issues and I identified a wifi dropout had occured on on occasion. I don't want unreliability to spoil a really good experience !
Anyone anything similar or any ideas ?
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