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Hi guys, I hope you can help on few issues I have on my kangoo,

Bought it in 2018 from a renault seller with 78 km on it

Few month ago we went to do the 40k inspection, after a battery check renault proposed us a battery replacement with no money charge for us due to a malfunctioning.

In that occasion the mechanic said he installed the new 33 kW battery instead of the original 22 kW, because the old one was no longer available, but he was obliged to downgrade the battery via software due to a renault directive

Yesterday, so after a couple of month from the battery replacement, it tried a full discharge of the battery - A REALLY FULL DISCHARGE - and after that the public wall charger stated he put 27 kW in my new weired battery.

A couple of questions:

Is there anyone can help me to reset the battery to the original 33 kW capacity?

Has anyone replaced the original charger with the new 7kw doubling so the charging speed?

A last question.... does anyone who how to fix the front wheel noise that appears when steering without moving? It is an annoying tic tic that com out at every round of the steering wheel

Thanks, Luca

Zoe Devotee
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27kWh into a seriously discharge 22kWh pack sounds about right, that'll be balancing losses right there. I managed to get similar into my Q210 22kWh Zoe many times, I was always running it low (necessity).
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