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Hello, I am struggling with a Brake Fault on my Kangoo Ze. Once I start the vacuum pump runs, however, it shutsdown after a while, and the brake failure appears. The Yellow spanner appears if I excessively push the brake once the STOP and break light comes on.

I have replaced the UP30 Hella pump with a new UP28 (I failed to get the correct one, I know), as I thought the vacuum pump was the fault. I cannot get Can Clip to read the codes, as it is trying to connect to Renault.net... I've used Carly for renault, giving me all sorts of DTC's and I cannot really trust the reading, I've attached the scan report.

The 12V battery has a green dot on the status window on the physical battery, and I get a reading of 12.4-12.6V when not powered on, and immidiately rises to 13.8-14 once powered on.

I do not really want to spend my money on a diagnosis, as this is a whopping 150-200£ job in Norway... Any one with suggestions to what it might be, or a solution to get the error codes read? :S


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