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Kia Connect Invoice

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I’m wondering how many other people are struggling to pay an invoice. Back in February I charged with Kia Connect App. I received an invoice and when they attempted to pay it with the credit card on the system, ( despite being ok on the initial setup fee ) it was declined. The reason apparently was that Kia Connect had changed their details slightly. I re entered my credit card details again, but still nothing worked. I started getting emails and letters threatening to disconnect account etc. I made numerous calls to Kia Connect, who suggested it was a widespread problem, reactivated my acccount. I tried a different credit card, still no joy. You are not able to settle the bill by phone, online or via app. The only way appears to be via a German bank. Today my account has been deactivated again. I tried to phone them, lines busy and unable to get through,it puts phone down ( where as always managed to get through easily). I’m just trying to gauge how many others are also affected.
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It might be a coincidence but I just got this email from eBay: "We’re updating our contracting entity for Direct Debit."

Anyway, sorry but no I haven't experienced this issue with Kia connect. I don't think I have ever used it, since I set it up.
Sorry. I realise I have made a mistake. It is the Kia Charge App
My cc payment failed and I expected to just pay the invoice online but you can't... I had to update the CC info with a new CC and then call them. All very last year!
I had a similar issue in April with a direct debit failing and Kia card being cancelled. I called customer service and also got a response about changes to the direct debit entities not being recognised by my bank security...
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