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Kia EV6 Registration/Ordering Thread

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Hi guys,

Thank you for the moderators/site owners for setting up a thread for this EV now it can be ordered or more accurately an online reservation to make an order.
The Kia EV6 Electric Car | Kia Motors UK

Suggest we use the thread to
  • Notify each other for key events such as prices and specifications being fully confirmed
  • Discuss actual ordering process starting
  • Discuss first edition specifications and options (if any are available)

Questions we might discuss
  • How many orders will be allocated to our country
  • Will there be long waiting lists as there were for the Kia e-Niro at launch

I made my reservation on 11th April 2021. Not sure how early/late in the process that was, but already excited by the reviews and emerging information about the Kia EV6.

Many thanks,

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Hi J2T2 your I-Pace is probably the most thirsty EV on the market so what ever you get is going to give you better mileage the EV6 is around the same size so your going to feel at home in in the Kia.
I suspect the Audi and Merc SUVs are thirstier (can you say that about electrons?) looking at user reviews but that’s for another thread.
So the EV6 reveal…it’s rather good looking in the metal. It doesn’t appear to loom in the way the big Audi and Merc vehicles do which for me is good.
For a pre-production model quality looked good although there were variable panel gaps in a few places. Liked the inside, seats comfortable and easy to find a good driving position. Real buttons not tacky touch screen.
The only slight dampener was the slope of hatch which would preclude getting a Labrador in boot. However senior household management has said that dog would be on rear seat anyway.
I have asked for test drive which will be late September I was told.
So overall a useful hour spent but glad I was in the locality rather than driving long distance. No coffee or tea.
As a Jaguar owner you are probably used to (as I am as a BMW/Audi owner) of dealers having plush show rooms, gourmet coffee on tap and beer/wine/soft drinks at events.

I also attended an EV6 event and assumed the lack of hospitality was due to the pandemic as C19 cases soar in the UK. But perhaps Kia don’t generally do this.
According to the dealer, lack of coffee was due to the paranoid ‘elf and safety’ motor trade association guidance. The very smart showroom had a coffee machine but it was off limits. He wasn’t impressed.

I agree re quality. Without detailed comparison between I-Pace and EV6 I can’t say for sure but the quality and fit are pretty similar. The EV6 interior is gaudier than my I-Pace but thats about it.

I think Audi, BMW, Mercedes and JLR should be very worried.
A bit more info about the car
Just thinking about my delivery date of October. Does anyone have any idea when RHD production is to start?
another point, how long does it take for a car to get from the Korean factory gate to a dealer in NE England? I’m guessing around 4 weeks.
According to the dealer, it could be eight weeks or more. When the Suez Canal was blocked the car ships had to go the long way round and it was twelve weeks in worst case from manufacture to handover.
But the cars are not made for individual orders. Kia know how many of each type have been ordered so make up the batch in that ratio. If I want to change my order then as long as there is a spare one of the new type I want then I can swap with no delay. If there isn’t, then it’s wait for next batch but some lucky soul would get my original order if that was the spec they wanted.
So if cars are to be handed over end September they are possibly being made in next week or two.
Anyone on here got a build date for their car?
In the past when I have placed an order for a car, I have been given a build date, this helped to understand where you were with the delivery of the car.
I have very little in documentation from the dealer and nothing to indicate a build or delivery date.
I know it is scheduled for an October delivery, but for the car to be transported from Seoul to the UK, the car will have to be built before the end of September which is just 2 months away.
I am nervous and not sure the proposed delivery date is achievabl.
The dealer explained to me that the cars are not individually made to order. So no unique link to your particular order.
Instead, Kia make batches of particular specifications sufficient to cover the orders they expect. I guess this is possible due to the severely limited choices of specification compared to earlier pre WLTP times.
So my red AWD GT-Line S (no heat pump) is part of a batch of that specification and there is no URN or identification on the car linking to me.
Kia are therefore manufacturing almost for stock rather than to order. This way they can start manufacturing before customers confirm orders. It’s how it used to be many years ago.
Whether Kia switches to make to order later on is an interesting question - I suspect they will. So you may not get a manufacturing date for your car as you don’t have a car being made for you.
I think it’s also driven by the new WLTP fuel testing. You now have to test every variant of the model where the variation would affect the fuel consumption. So every wheel size, roof racks/bars, all engine outputs, RWD and AWD, anything adding significant weight.
So we are seeing a more edited or curated choice of variants from the manufacturer with quite a lot of accessories now being dealer fit.
I cannot see that production has started and UK cars are in transit.
If production had started, I’m sure one of the Korean pundits Would have driven a car by now.
If we are to get cars by end of October and it’s say 8 weeks from factory to showroom then proper production line RHD cars would start appearing late August? I agree that if we don’t see real world cars by end of August in Korea, we are not going to see UK cars end of October.
I’m going to be renting some EV hopefully via Onto after the I-Pace goes back end of September until the EV6 arrives. I wonder how much a Taycan is a month?
Talked with my dealer last week. He informed me that my order (Pre-Order #459 in Denmark) is now locked in Kias order system, and according to him that usually happens around 3-4 weeks before he is informed it's ready for shipping.

Kia has previously said they would start production in July. We are still in July, and if I was Kia, I would hold back the first batch of cars just to have QA go over them with a fine tooth comb. They are still fighting to escape the economy shitbox image that they have, so they can't be seen delivering cars with embarrassing quality issues.
It might be different in Denmark but here in the UK Kia definitely don’t have the “economy shitbox image” anymore.
For instance the E-Niro is a Which? Best Buy and generally Kia do well in surveys.
They might not have a premium badge but they seem to have a better quality than many premium badge makes.
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For Hyundai, yes they ship from ulsan... Kia? I'm afraid I can't remember how I found out which ship it was on... don't think it was the dealer, but I remember communication in general being not great...it was all fine in the end. Good luck!
From Kia Media Centre
Not sure if Pyeongtaek is the port name or an area.
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As I said on the Bjorn thread, the reviews are all pretty positive.
Early adopters always have more risk but equally we get the car early. If you don’t want risk or to be a guinea pig, order something that’s been on the market for a year.
For me, I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far. Look forward to the demonstration drive in October.
Sorry I did got my deposit back and placed an order for a Tesla Model 3 long range over £2000 less Hope the EV6 works out.
If Tesla had the model Y on sale in the UK, I’d be looking at that as well.
However I need proper hatchback.
hope you enjoy Tesla
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