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Kia is under cyber attack : see URL

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Not uncommon. Most big companies are under cyber attacks 24/7. Assuming they have a decent backup policy they’ll be fine.
"Assuming they have a decent backup policy" is quite a big assumption, considering that if this kind of thing has got on to their network they don't have a great security policy
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I had a personal experience if this late last year, with a small company, hackers demanding Bitcoin.

Eventually the business was dying, called in the government who put company in touch with ‘government approved negotiators’ who’d already negotiated with these Ukraine based Russian hackers in the past. They ended up paying a sum for the release key. But the data was badly damaged by the encryption.

The negotiators then recommended security SW suite which cost an arm and a leg.

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Why any company wouldn't keep backups somewhere safe is beyond me. Just seems incompetent.
One of my old jobs required me to back up the servers to dat tapes every few days and take them to the offsite safe.
Most companies now don't bother, relying on cloud protection, which is quick and easy, but has its own risks.
Even if you have backups, you've got to completely re-build or replace every server/machine that got infected, and you've got to do them all simultaneously to stop cross-infection on the new machines, and then you've got to hope that there isn't a trojan horse hiding somewhere else on the network that will suddenly re-appear once you've finished. Its not straightforward.
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While I agree if your whole network is compromised, your pretty stuffed and will likely need to do a scorched earth approach and rebuild from scratch (as many US departments are doing to clear out the SolarWinds supply chain compromise) and it depends on how well segregated your network is. Most big companies have decent backup policies and procedures as it’s often demanded by regulators that they comply. It would also surprise me if they didn’t being so close to NK and China as state sponsored espionage will be a daily occurrence for them. Smaller and medium businesses rely more heavily on cloud backups these days but bigger older companies will still use a hybrid approach as most will still have non cloud compatible systems. From what I can see on the cyber channels, they’ve suffered no major ill effects so far.
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