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Hello All,

I bought a used Kia Optima PHEV 2017 model, which ran for 56000kms a week ago in Sweden from a car dealer.
It ran well for 4 days and now all of a sudden it shows Malfunction engine symbol, also called Check Engine warning symbol always in the dashboard. (It's not a blinking, which means, it is not a major issue).
Also, observed that, when it shifts from EV to HEV mode(i.e from electric to fuel engine), the engine is struggle a bit to run smoothly and gives some small jerks.
Few days ago, it was so smooth but all of a sudden, I am experiencing this engine shaking issue.

Has anyone faced this issue earlier? Any suggestions please?

Also, observed that the battery is draining up to some extent. It shows 54kms, after full charge (around 3 hrs using type2 cable), but then reduces to 44 and slowly to 42.
But I observed that it gives minimum of 42kms consistently, on a full battery recharge and I always drive on speed limits, so I think is fine. EV mode runs so smoothly, without any issue. But is this something that is expected on a used car?

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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