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Hmmmmmm, I knew that it was possible to upgrade the Head unit to have Apple Airplay & Android Auto but my dealership told me it wasn't possible in the UK even though the vehicle model etc matched the criteria on KIA's own website...so I forgot all about it...

...until today....

..The car went in for a Map Update for £40. Expensive really as they quoted £25 six months ago. It also went in for a general recall for the Electronic Hand Brake - nowt serious - but a KIA recall.

Today, after browsing through the updated screens on the Head unit I spied Airplay & Android Auto,...plugged in a USB cable and voila..!!

So now my 2016 Soul has no need for future map upgrades etc.as AA works perfectly.
If this is old news my apologies....
Cool...Do you have the software and maps version they've installed?
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