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Can any NI members tell me whether the charge point in Greencastle Street in Kilkeel is public or affiliated with a business? It's not clear from different charge maps.

As a backup, it's the one in the leisure centre accessible 24/7?

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Go to http://www.ecarni.com/charge-point-map - all the charge points are detailed there although you may need to get a card from eCar to use them at http://www.ecarni.com/ecar-registration.aspx the cards are free as are the charge points.
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The one at Greencastle street is an eCar charge point.
Yes, did that. But it's still not clear where or what this charge point is. Their map has it in a residential street. OCM has it listed as linked to a business.

And I'd like to know if the car park at the leisure centre is open out of hours.

Telephone ECar NI on 028 9054 0602 or you can email them at [email protected][EMAIL='[email protected] ='] - hopefully they can give you the information you require.[/EMAIL]
Irvinestown in Fermanagh is also vague about the location of it's charge point..it's in the brownhill link road car park,but TomTom tries to bring you into the brownhill housing estate nearby!
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