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Kona EV 2021 Ultimate
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I am going to bring the car to the dealership for a recall and also to have some things checked that don't work or don't exist (couldn't find) that are described in the car Manual (yes, I read the manuals.. I'm strange that way and in many other ways). - :)

I am wondering why these things appear to be missing. I'm guessing, it could depend on either the Canadian model vs. the US model or an incomplete/incorrect flashing of the car's software. I wanted to see if other Canadian owners are having same or similar issues with their car's software.

1) User Profiles icon is missing (So I can't set specific settings for me vs. my wife's, example the Heads Up Display height adjustment) - ( User Settings Mode )
[Manual ref.: 3-82 = User Settings -> Height regulation of Heads Up Display] - Maybe you guys know how to get there in a different way?

It seems that User Profiles are figment of my imagination but I was able to get to the Heads Up Display Height adjustment via the on-steering wheel buttons (User Settings).

2) Car can receive text messages but can's send the pre-defined ones out - it gets an error "Can't send text" - (From both direct Bluetooth connection or Android Auto).

This is a compatibility issue - It works with mainstream phones, like Samsung, iPhone .. but I and my wife a OnePlus phones and both don't allow to send messages from the car. - So - not sure on how to get that resolved.

3) BlueLink application "Maintenance" Icon gives error stating that the setup is not complete.

I completely forgot to have that checked! - Sigh!

4) Maps updates: The software updater application doesn't display the Kona 2021 model in the drop down list or in here, hence I'm stuck with whichever version the car comes with .. which could be OK ... - Unless there is a problem. -> Looking for Maps updates -

Will re-visit the issue in a few months when a new update comes along.

Please, let me know if you have similar or same issue, or solutions . :)

Update: 2021 Feb 27 - Went to dealership for a recall and here are the updates -
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