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L mode as default

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I have wondered if there is any reason not to run in L mode all the time. I much prefer the additional regen deceleration on the go pedal, with the possible exception of motorway driving.
I cannot imagine it can do any harm, but if I'm wrong, I'd like to know sooner rather than later.
Anyone know for sure?
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There is plenty of discussion on the US Volt forums, a lot of the people there claim to use 'L' mode exclusively. There are no gears to damage so it is definitely safe at any speed.

All that 'L' mode does is to change slightly when you get regenerative braking. If you are in stop-start traffic then it makes it easier to be more efficient, but if you can coast in 'D' instead of slowing and accelerating that's more efficient still. I've also heard that using 'L' mode in conjunction with cruise control holds much closer to the set speed. Some people also claim that to get the best driving experience use sport mode + 'L' so you get sharper acceleration combined with 'engine braking'.
Ooooh too many choices! Might have to think about it, and that's far too much like work!
My son reckoned the suspension stiffened slightly when we tried sport mode but it could easily have been road surface change or wishful thinking. For my part I was unimpressed by sport mode, being so satisfied with the torque on offer in normal, and seriously finding it hard to feel the difference other than the bite point on the pedal. Psychological trick that. Pah! Normal & L it is for me.
I was told that the suspension stiffened up by my saleman. Can't say I have noticed it but then again I have only driven about a mile in Sport so far!!!

Certainly the throttle is more responsive and it gives a more "twitchy" feel. I am used to sports cars so I know I'd probably love it but it does nothing for the range so I am resisting ;)
I always use sports mode if I know I'm not going to be exhausting the EV range (i.e. just popping to the shops and back, or dropping the kids off places) - it's so much more fun to drive and I don't have to worry about wasting MPG.

If I'll be exhausting the EV range then I don't use it (except occasionally when the red mist descends :twisted: )

I don't think the suspension has any computer controllable elements, so I'd be suprised if sports mode did anything to it. Anyone got any tech info from GM to prove otherwise?

When switching to sport mode I feel that the steering is different - the car changes direction with less input. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just my imagination?

Paul R
According to GM, the only change in Sport Mode is pedal remapping, and only change in "L" is regenerative brake remapping for "Off-Throttle" and the brake pedal.

However, there is some coordination between driver steering input and the traction control. The more turned the steering wheel is, the less power that can be applied to accelerate with.

Those who have tried, have said it is "impossible" to spin out a Volt!

Please don't take this as a challenge to go out and prove them wrong! :)
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