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My 30kWh 2017 Nissan Leaf is due for its second service. I have booked it for next Tuesday, I understand the service is due every 18,000 miles. However. the car already has about 36,700 on the clock, however Nissan dealer told me that they allow 1,000 miles either way and still consider the service to be done "as per schedule". The car is a lease from RCI Nissan and I just found a clause in the paperwork which says I have to pay £210 if I miss a service. I do not intend to miss it but I have already kind of exceeded 36,000 miles and I estimate that by Tuesday morning, I am likely to exceed 37,000 as well. I wonder if anyone has any experience with this, how strict is RCI when it comes to servicing? Am I likely to have already incurred the £210 penalty? Will they charge me £210 if the service is done at 37,100 miles?
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