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Once the battery temperature indicator goes into the red, then the vehicle will limit the power available and the level of regen the battery can take. This might not be noticeable in normal driving but if you have to call on full power to say quickly overtake a slower vehicle, then that power serge might not be there like you would expect it to be.

The Power Meter has calibrated indices (segments) going clock wise in white indicting power available and in blue anti clockwise indicating available regen. When all the segments are lit (white and blue) then full power and regen are available. If only the first few white segments are lit then full power is not available so it is a go idea to keep an eye on the power meter in conjunction with high battery temperatures.

As an example: When you charge the battery to 100%, the power meter will only have 3 blue segments lit which indicates regen is restricted because the battery is full and cannot take anymore charge (although in practice it does allow some). When the battery is at 90% all the blue segments are lit and full unrestricted regen into the battery is available.

If you need to reduce the battery temperature, then draft a wagon at 58mph for a few miles.

It's 3 things that makes the battery heat up - Rapid Charging - Sustained high drain on the battery such as high speed driving - a low state of battery charge. Minimise these and it's happy days.
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