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LEAF battery lease question

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Hi all

Anyone leasing battery in there LEAF?

If so could you share with me your excess mileage cost.

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So I think there are 2 parts to this. The excess mileage on the actual 'car' and then the excess mileage on the 'battery' itself.

So my car excess mileage is £.10 per mile ( inc VAT )
So my battery excess mileage is £0.08 for every 60 miles or part thereof

Hope this helps!
I'm in the same boat as IanT and I think they are standard charges. With our trade-in and the price I was paying for diesel it worked out to be a no-brainer doing it this way compared to buying the whole thing... and I'll swap or trade it in at the end.
Thanks all, so this is my story,

I bought the car outright with a work incentive, so I only lease my battery with Nissan. So if I do 10000 miles over my contract it's only £13.00?????

10000 / 60 x £0.08 = £13.00? Can that be right????? Seems so cheap!
Cheap = Good :)

Another reason to drive an EV.
seems about right. The RCI finance contract for my PCP agreement states an excess mileage charge of 1 pence per mile. If I went 20k over my mileage allowance (which is looking increasingly likely as I've already done over 6k in 2 months) it'll cost my company 200 quid.
That's for your battery excess? Then there is the excess on the actually car which is for me 10p per mile. So if I went 20k over mileage ( not planning to do ) the car excess would be £2,000
My car has a higher mileage than the battery, as I thought I SHOULD keep inside the limits, but if I go over I'd rather only pay one lot of excesses, which are incredibly cheap really.
seems about right. The RCI finance contract for my PCP agreement states an excess mileage charge of 1 pence per mile.
My RCI contract has a 10p/mile excess. Are you sure yours is 1p?
Yep. It actually says £0.01 per mile. I'll double check tonight.
Now that's a bargain! I'm limited to 10k miles p.a. and I've done 400 in the first week!
Is this via RCI finance? The only reason I ask is my paperwork is different and so just thought your deal might be via a different company, etc
I don't know if it's because I bought ex demo? Or if they've adjusted the excess to account for the negligible wear and tear?
My lease is with RCI and paperwork is the same, save for the excess charge! I'm guessing that the lower excess is payoff for having a higher annual allowance?
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