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Leaf ECO button use ? opinions please

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Hi People

Any Leaf users use the ECO button ? does it do much for the range of the vehicle , any long term benefits ?

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I changed my perfectly good originals for these Pirellis. Cinturato ALL SEASON PLUS - Car tyre | Pirelli
They are so quiet I can now hear this sort of rushing noise when I accelerate on a bit of new tarmac. I could never do that before. The ride is better and there is the added bonus of self-seal that's great for the Leaf with no supplied spare or even a jack. They stick like glue to the road even in icy conditions.
The only downside is a) the price £538 and b) the slight reduction in range of about 3 miles per 100miles.
Is the each :eek: or for a set of 4 ?
I only tried the ECO button once and the car performed like it was driving through treacle , and as said very sluggish , Think I will not use it again

Thanks for the comments
Tekna size tyres are approximately twice as expensive as the same tyre model in Acenta size. I compared a number of different tyres in both sizes and this seems to be fairly universal across brands.

CrossClimate+ for Tekna wheels are also pretty close to £538 for a set of four and approximately half that price for Acenta wheels. :( One reason to get an Acenta instead of a Tekna for sure. There is also a far smaller selection of tyres available in the Tekna wheel size.
My Leaf is a Acenta Wooopedy dooooo :cool:
I second this, I run my 2018 40 Leaf in eco mode because i city drive all day as part of running my business and if I can just plant it and let the car worry about applying the power smoothly and sort out the economy that’s a lot less effort than being bothered to actually control it myself!

I also permanently have e-pedal switched on because then I only have to hit the brakes occasionally, is this lazy?

Maybe... It could also be considered smart, after all you don’t wash the dishes when you have a dishwasher, it’s just using technology to make life less bother! 😃
Ye but ye but you have the bother of putting it all in and taking it all out 😮
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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