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Leaf ECO button use ? opinions please

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Hi People

Any Leaf users use the ECO button ? does it do much for the range of the vehicle , any long term benefits ?

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I only use it when I have passengers in the car. It will definitely give them a smoother ride, although to the driver it's like driving a sofa bed. Someone else on here mentioned the jerky effect of the untempered ordinary D mode on the passengers, the driver has a steering wheel; passengers can get thrown about and if susceptible can soon feel quite nauseous.

As a taxi driver school trainer in Perth (amongst other things), this was one of the primary skills I used to attempt to impart to my pupils. One day I had 4 of the assorted Somalis, Indians, Brits, Kiwis and Aussies attending the class in my training car and the first Somali got into the driving seat; before we had travelled 100 mtrs approaching a school crossing he was already doing 80kms in a 25km zone.
I used to despair for the poor passengers they were going to carry in the future.
CrossClimate+ are on my to do list, I want my wear out of these Dunlop’s first though.

Seems daft / wasteful to scrap a perfectly serviceable set of tyres!

How have you found the difference in economy / ride?

The Dunlop’s do soak up the bumps nicely is it a harsher ride on the CrossClimates?
I changed my perfectly good originals for these Pirellis. Cinturato ALL SEASON PLUS - Car tyre | Pirelli
They are so quiet I can now hear this sort of rushing noise when I accelerate on a bit of new tarmac. I could never do that before. The ride is better and there is the added bonus of self-seal that's great for the Leaf with no supplied spare or even a jack. They stick like glue to the road even in icy conditions.
The only downside is a) the price £538 and b) the slight reduction in range of about 3 miles per 100miles.
Is the each :eek: or for a set of 4 ?
No that was for a set of 4...... 😢


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1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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