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Leaf ECO button use ? opinions please

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Hi People

Any Leaf users use the ECO button ? does it do much for the range of the vehicle , any long term benefits ?

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As Simon says it remaps the accelerator and increases the regen available on both D and B modes. Nissan's research found a 2% increase in range - frankly not worth it for the feeling of dullness that it induces.
Are you sure it increases the regen ?
The regen braking for eco is greater than D and less than B.
I agree with @Hermit Dave - adding Eco to D takes the regen somewhere between "non-Eco" D and B, and adding Eco to B seems to make the regen come in earlier and harder. But I don't think that it increases the absolute limit - if I use B at 50+ adding Eco seems to make no difference to the regen effort.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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