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Leaf Tekna - does the Navigation show the road speed limit?

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Knowledgable folks,

I am trying to buy a ex demo Leaf from a local dealer and they seem not to be able to answer to one question I have. On the navigation system, does it show the speed limit of the road you are driving on? As it is a useful feature on my current car, and I was hoping the Tekna has it as well.

Thanks in advance

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She would say that wouldn't she.
Not just instructors though. I had a conversation with a traffic cop a few years ago and he said that if he pulled someone for speeding and asked if they knew what the limit was and if they knew what speed they were doing (within a reasonable margin) and they were wrong or said that they did not know then it was sufficient grounds for a charge under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Interestingly on my Zoe's TomTom maps it shows the speed limits on most roads. I have a 14 mile commute and there are two stretches of road on just that which are wrong. One shows 60 where it is actually 40 (and has been 40 for around 25 years since they started developing the housing here) and one showing 70 where it is actually 30 - on a road which is only about 20 years old, has always been 30 and is a notorious speed trap. Beyond those two I've found it generally reliable.
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Around London lots of 30 mph on any mapping software I have seen are now 20mph. You cannot rely on it.

Observation, observation, observation!!!
My friend has a 2016 Range Rover Autobiography and I noticed that it has a little washer nozzle right next to the rear camera - great idea...
I like the solution on VW Golfs (and probably other cars) where the camera is on the badge/boot handle thing and when you go into reverse (or presumably select the camera) the badge flips open to reveal the camera. No hoses and very reliable I'd imagine at keeping the camera clean!

The around view on mine is fairly comical at the moment, two brown/grey views and then clear image from the wing mirror cameras :p
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