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LeafSpy Query

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I've just got LeafSpy and have charged the car up to 100% as indicated on the dashboard and LeafSpy is telling me it's 266 GIDs (94.7%). Is that normal, it seems low to me?

The car is a Mk2 Acenta and is only 3 months old and has done 1300 miles.
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That's interesting. My wife has just come home with the Leaf so I've plugged it in and we'll see what happens. Although the car's temp. gauge says the external temp. is 13° so maybe I'll have to wait until later in the Spring to get a definitive answer.

What would I do if this is a true reading anyway? I suspect that "Hey Nissan, give me a new battery it's only charging to 100% and has 12 bars" isn't going to get very far.

Also, I have a much bigger problem with the Leaf to worry about at the moment.:)

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Yes, that's exactly what's happening. It's three months old.
Seen that a few times around the internet, should be a straight swap warranty job.
Yes indeed, I'm sure there'll be no problem getting it replaced when I get round to it. I had a little chat about it with @evmeerkat on Twitter when he tweeted a photo of his badge, which was somewhat worse than mine.
Anyway, back to the plot. 266 GIDs at 100% charge again. This time I remembered that LeafSpy also tells me the battery temp. it was 11° when I looked first thing this morning, although I've no idea what it was when charging yesterday evening.

I'll wait for some warmer weather before looking at this again. I'm also wishing I'd waited until today to charge up, our solar panels are outputting 1.9kW at the moment. I really should keep an eye on the weather forecast more.
Panic over :).

Firstly, despite all the warmer weather we've been having the battery temp. hasn't got over 11-12°. However, we went to Cambridge on Saturday (45 miles each way) and that trip warmed the battery up. I was starting to think the low-ish full charge reading wasn't temperature related as the battery temperature was 19° when we charged up at the Cambridge Park and Ride and it still charged to 266 GIDs. However, after driving home, we charged again overnight with the battery temp still at 18° and this time it charged to 283 GIDs. So I don't really think there's a problem at all.

Incidentally, on the first page of LeafSpy (the voltage for each of the 96 cells) the display for all but two of the cells has now turned red instead of blue. I gather this something to do with "shunting" but don't understand what this is. Does anyone know where I can find an explanation. Thanks.
Thanks Paul, you're right, I don't think I need to know any more than that.
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