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LeafSpy Query

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I've just got LeafSpy and have charged the car up to 100% as indicated on the dashboard and LeafSpy is telling me it's 266 GIDs (94.7%). Is that normal, it seems low to me?

The car is a Mk2 Acenta and is only 3 months old and has done 1300 miles.
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Remember who the SoC gauge and the DTE gauge work for...! Nissan.

It's pretty clear both portray their own version of the truth, and I'm fairly convince that the first has been coded to always show 100% result when the charge cycle stops (regardless of actual kwh in the pack) and the other will show 12 bars of health for as long as possible, until there is obviously some serious range loss.

How full were you when you started charge for the 266G?

Mine really likes to be empty.
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