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Hello all,

After a week with my Zoe I am pleased to report two things.
First is that when I joined the forum here someone had mentioned that it will be like learning to drive all over again. Honestly I was a bit confused what he meant.....well now I know. Since my first day the whole driving experience is absolutely different. Suddenly I found myself not in a rush any more. I seems to enjoy this slower pace, not rushing around like a headless chicken 馃悢. I seems to enjoy the ambiance, the music, the smoothes and the fact that I am not in a hurry any more. It is strange how a car can change the way I move on the road now. In other words I am so glad I did the switch from ICE to EV.
My stats so far are unexpectedly good. After the first 121 miles (from the dealer to home) with really horrible 3.08 miles per kWh, now after another 320 miles I am up to 4.40 miles per kWh 馃榿 . I am so pleased with the car and myself.
Second: My DAB radio is working as it should . After trying to "refresh" the station list several times over the week without any success today we have a "lift off" I had to go help a friend with something in the house and jumping in the car I've decided to try again.....and suddenly what a joy. I have more than 20 DAB stations showing. All my favorites are here and I can sing along to all the tunes 馃槑
I don't know what happened but honestly I don't care. The radio is on, the sun is out and I am enjoy my EV life.

Be safe all and enjoy life.
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