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Leaving the battery in a low state of charge

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9 day owner of an electric car here (Leaf 40). I read somewhere (maybe an archived thread) that it's not good to leave the battery on a low level of charge. Mine is down to 13 after today's adventure. I don't have a home charger so it's not getting charged until a visit to Aldi tomorrow. Is that ok?
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Should be fine.

It’s more leaving at a few percent for weeks on end that can cause damage.
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You'' be fine. It isn't about how low or high you leave it for a day or two... the battery doesn't like being left for long periods (I'd say weeks+) at a low or high SOC. Just try not to do it regularly because then the battery will spend a lot of its time at a low SOC. Try to keep the battery between 40-60% when not using it. Not always possible I know.
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