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This weekend I will be driving to an event about 80 miles away where it is unlikely I will be able to charge the battery.

My initial plan was to set off on battery power and drive until empty and forced to switch to petrol. Then, if I'm able to get to a plug at my destination I can recharge and do the same for the return trip 3 days later. If I can't get a charge, I'll just drive back on petrol.

However, I know the car does "stuff" when I'm not in it, which I think is to do with heating/cooling the battery and keeping things just right. I also know that an "empty" battery isn't really empty, but just down to a minimum level (30%?) that GM calculated to prolong it's life.

So, if the car ls left for a few days, will it further deplete the battery beyond the safe buffer that Chevrolet built in to it? Or will it fail to keep things at optimal temperature? Or will it be fine?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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