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Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves….
We are made up of a team of friendly and approachable motor industry and environmentally aware individuals. All with a shared passion for encouraging as many people as possible to consider choosing electric as their car of choice. Quite rightly the industry is undertaking an electric revolution and we want to help people become part of it.

Our Story
Through searching for an electric car for ourselves we quickly realised it is quite difficult to find everything we needed to know in one place. What exactly is an electric or hybrid car? What car is right for me? I’ve heard about incentives to change into electric where do I start to look? Lots of fairly simple questions but where to start to try and answer them was an issue and took too long so we gave up and went back to what we know and pursued the usual petrol or diesel cars. But that didn’t feel like the right thing to do, we are all conscious of the environment and eventually most cars will be electric or hybrid and quite frankly we really wanted to own one.
So we decided that if we can’t find the information we needed, all in one place.. then we would set up a website of our own that did just that.. we asked ourselves, if the future of the motor industry is electric… what can we do about it? and this is where Go Charged was created.

Our Vision

Over the last year we’ve worked closely with our colleagues in the industry and done hundreds of hours of research to understand the electric vehicle market in every aspect so we can provide you with a ‘one-stop shop’ for everything electric cars. We want to guide you through the process of switching electric through providing the information you need.
We’ll educate you every step of the way to help you find the car that’s right for you, source the charging point you need, look at the best tariffs for you and then connect you to one of our approved dealers or suppliers who will take care of the rest. Simple.

Power to the people (so to speak)
And finally… we really do want to achieve our goal so if you can’t find the answer to a question you have about electric cars let us know and we will find the answer and put it on the site!
We would love to hear from you.

Enjoy our site and we hope you can find everything you need to GoCharged.

Send us an email

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