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2017 Renault Zoe (ZE40) Q90
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Does anyone know for sure which is correct
Plugshare show this as a 22kw Socket ?
Zap Map & Podpoint show AC 43kw charger
( Podpoint have shown at least one wrong that i know of in the past
that was at ( Lidl - Mapplewell ) as a 43kw cable but was really a 22kw socket )

I have asked point reply below
The charger you have mentioned has it's own cable for the AC Door and also this charge is 43KW .These details are available on the App .
Thank you for the feedback but most of the new rapid chargers installed does have the cable with them .

Kind Regards

(I find most new Rapids for Lidl have been just a 22kw socket on a rapid)


Update AC is Limited to 22Kw on this rapid :(
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