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proddick said:
"Mine were in a courier style bag on the back seat, I closed the door to go and unplug the charger at the dealer and doors locked. Bear in mind some cars are driven by women and it is handy for them to leave keys in handbag."

I too have managed to lock the fob in the car! In my case the fob was in the pocket of my golf bag. I arrived at the rear of the car with my bag about 50cm from the boot. I opened the rear by releasing the hatch door lock in the normal manner and loaded my golf bag and gear into the boot and slammed the hatch closed with the fob still in the bag. I realized this immediately and tried to open the hatch but it was locked. It was embarrassing in the clubhouse as I had to get someone to run me home for the spare fob. Unlocking the hatch does not unlock the doors. I use this method every time I come back to the locked car to put something in, but previously with the fob in my pocket.
I had put the lack of the car detecting the fob in the car down to the fact that drivers door and other doors had not been opened but, reading proddick's post, I wonder if the back seat and boot space is blind to the fob detection system? It needs investigating.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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