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After I raised an issue with London Borough of Enfield via www.fixmystreet.com about a long-faulty (>2 years) chargepoint, and what was going to happen to it, I got this from them:

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Simon

The Council has entered into a contract with Chargemaster PLC to replace existing EV charging points, including the one at Westpole Avenue. This process should start in January 2018.


So it looks like they're not going with the Source London scheme, but it remains to be see which part of Chargemaster they'll be part of. The existing council-owned chargepoints in Enfield are all Elektromotive units. They have recently had a collision-damaged unit on Alderman's Hil replaced with an identical model - though in a factory default offline mode that works unofficially with CYC cards.
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