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Hello all, question on a EV being on a low state of charge for a long period of time, what effect is it documented to have?


So I hit a deer on my way home from work back in March. It went into the repairers to get fixed through my insurers. At the point they collected it I made sure they had both the 3 pin charger and the type 2 charger. Stating it had a low state of charge and would need charging. Couple of weeks pass and lockdown happens. They call stating that they will be shutting down the repair shop so won’t have my car back for a while. This is fine as I have a curtesy car, no problems so far. Just out of curiosity I jump on the BMW connected drive app and see that the car is sat on 3% battery level. I immediately call up the head office and explain that it needs putting on charge of it is going to be left, referencing the owner manual. I hear nothing for a week so give a follow up call to the head office. They chase the garage manager who says they had power down the garage but will disconnect the 12v battery so that the main battery circuit is closed and stop further discharge therefore protecting the battery. I am dubious how this helps so contact the BMW I team. They don’t want to say long term storage in a low state of charge is bad etc and don’t want to get involved but say it is pretty clear in the owners manual that the vehicle:

“Do not leave the vehicle for longer than
14 days if the electric range is less than 10 km,
approximately 6 mls.
For phases of standing of up to three months,
where possible park the vehicle plugged into a
suitable power source or virtually fully charged.

Before standing for a long time, ensure
that the high-voltage battery is fully
charged. During the stationary phase, connect
the vehicle to a suitable charging location with
a charging station. The high-voltage battery is
charged automatically as needed. Ensure that
the charging process can be carried out.
Check the charge state regularly.
Do not leave the vehicle standing for more than
four weeks with a charge level less than approximately
80 %.”

I contact them again and again with no reply until I finally get my insurers to call them who manage to get a response. They pass it to the management team and more time goes by. So today I contacted my insurers again. They finally get through and they say they have now charged the vehicle and are finalising the repairs to give me the vehicle back. I asked about the battery and apparently they said it is absolutely fine and no damage has been caused. I question what tests have been done to confirm this, but they did not specify.

As it has been charged I check my app again as the system should update again now the battery is reconnected. It still says the vehicle is low on charge at 6%. This is more than before however nowhere near the recommended amount.

So my question is, what kind of damage has been / could have been caused having it sit so low for so long? Can I demand they replace the battery? And do I have any right to refuse the repair on those grounds?

Sorry for the long message but I don’t really have anything to back up my claims that it is detrimental to the battery.

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I'd make sure you keep duplicates of all your messages requesting it be put on charge. See how it works when you get it back. If there is any damage, I'd get back onto your insurers.
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