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Looking for an MG EV for quick delivery?

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We've got over 30 used, pre-registered and ex-demonstrator MG EVs available from our Chorley and Burnley branches.


Click here for the current stock:
Used Electric Cars | Lancashire & Wigan | Chorley Group
Discover our range of used electric cars across our dealerships n Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Enquire online today for more information.

For example:
22 plate ZS EV Trophy 51kWh Standard Range (with panoramic sunroof) Dynamic Red - 8729 miles - £28,974
Used MG ZS | Lancashire & Wigan | Chorley Group
Used MG ZS available from Chorley Group in Lancashire & Wigan. Explore the vehicle here and book a test drive online.

22 plate ZS EV Trophy 51kWh Standard Range (with panoramic sunroof) Black Pearl - 1699 miles - £29,724
Used MG ZS | Lancashire & Wigan | Chorley Group
Used MG ZS available from Chorley Group in Lancashire & Wigan. Explore the vehicle here and book a test drive online.

72 plate MG4 SE 51kWh Standard Range in Holborn Blue - 3000 miles - £26,599
Used MG Mg4 | Lancashire & Wigan | Chorley Group
Used MG Mg4 available from Chorley Group in Lancashire & Wigan. Explore the vehicle here and book a test drive online.

We also have several 71 plate MG ZS EV SE SR with delivery mileage for £27,574 (Silver, Black, Red)

Take a look at our website for full details. You can reserve a car online for £99, and nationwide UK delivery can be arranged.
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used cars for more than you can get those cars brand new.
Not sure how you're working that out?

The MG ZS Standard Range SE for example costs £30,995 new (plus metallic paint), and we're selling with metallic paint on delivery mileage for £27,574. That's a saving of £3421.

The ZS EV Standard Range Trophy in Dynamic Red costs £33,690 new, and would no longer have the panoramic sunroof in the specification. Ours is £28,974. That's a saving of £4,716

The MG4 Standard Range SE costs £26,995, and our blue one is £26,599. That's £396 less, and it's available to drive away today, not wait 3+ months for one.
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I said " for more than you can get those cars brand new ", not "for more than RPP".
I bought my brand new EV for 8k less than RPP.
There really aren't many discounts available on new MGs currently. Hence quoting RRPs.
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What has changed is that here is a dealer with 30 ev's available.
Literally take your pick.
That wouldn't have been the case even 6 months ago.
We have a buyers market coming.
To put this into context, this is 30-40 MG EVs out of a dealer group with almost 900 used vehicles available, and around £22m of stock. We sold over 1000 MGs last year, and we've got forward orders for about 400 more. So things aren't changing that much in the market place, just yet.
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My local MG dealer has 15 ZS ev's in stock.
Last year when I rang to enquire about one they had, salesman said it had sold.
When I asked about any others, he actually laughed and said "good luck, join the queue".
I bet he's not laughing now.
We've got a number of ZS EV mk1 in stock now, as they've all come in as part exchange against ZS EV mk2, and MG4. Everyone has been waiting months for the ZS EV mk2 deliveries, as they were severely restricted over the past 12 months or so due to semiconductor shortages (and COVID lockdowns in China). Again, I don't think it's indicative of any problems in the used car market, rather it's just a blip caused by the length of time that customers have been waiting to swap to the newer model.

Certainly, used car prices are dropping from the daft levels they got to in 2021 across the board.
Don't worry I'm sure they will be getting more in shortly. Only last night on the MGEV forum a member reported they are returning their 3 day old car to Chorley due to an oil leak (MG4 Reduction Gearbox Oil Leak) and yes you did read it correctly - that is the 101st page of discussion on the MG4 oil leak.

It is difficult to say if it is MG or the Dealers to blame, but for anyone that has not followed the saga, a large number of cars have reported oil leaks after a few hundred miles. MG have investigated and redesigned a component that appears to fix the problem. Despite it being a relatively inexpensive fix many dealers are only fitting it to customer cars after they discover the fault and complain.

Some customers are rejecting their cars due to this fault. Due to the £1000 price increase you might be asked to pay more for a rejected used vehicle than the original owner did when it was new. If you are happy to do this and avoid a wait then fill your boots, but at least make sure that the improved breather is fitted before you take it.
MG will not authorise a replacement breather unless we submit a full technical report including photos and vin numbers of the affected vehicle. The oil leak often doesn't appear until the car has travelled over 100 miles or so.

This makes it impossible for us to replace the part until the fault has presented itself.

I don't disagree with you that this is not ideal.
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Thanks for responding @Miles Roberts. I do acknowledge the sterling work that you have personally done to promote the brand and address issues in the past. The fault has now been identified by a large number of new owners and seems likely to me that it will occur over time on most vehicles, but may take a while for owners to notice if they don't habitually visit these forums or check under their cars. It does seem crazy to me that MG are prepared to take the reputational hit to save a few pounds.

Have you any idea how much it would cost to purchase and fit a new breather without authorisation from MG?

I for one would choose to purchase a vehicle from a dealer who took it upon themselves to do this over one that didn't so it might give you a competitive advantage to do this as part of the PDI regardless.

Hell, I'd even pay up front for it to be done, rather than have it leak on my driveway, potentially need to call out AA, have to take time off work to return it to the dealer and potentially be without a car for a while. I'd still bitch about it on EV forums, but I'd likely pay it to avoid later inconvenience. Maybe that option should be offered?

I note on the MG forum today that Chorley has come to an amicable agreement with the member who was going to reject his car after 3 days due to this issue. That sounds like a good result for all concerned, but frustrating that the whole sorry event could have been avoided.
MG won't let us order the part without a warranty claim.

Rock ----- Me ---- Hard Place
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