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Nissan LEAF 24kWh; Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
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With an owned outright LEAF & an Outlander on lease for another 2 years I've drooled over Teslas for some time. My wife swung a test drive of a MS this time a couple of years ago as a treat for my 60th birthday and the Knutsford showroom were very accommodating considering there was not an imminent purchase likely.

This year is my son's 10th birthday and we could do with a 6 or 7 seater to take some of his friends, my wife & I to his party venue...it just so happens White Car Tesla hire have a MX 90D 6 seater on their fleet at Manchester Airport! It also happens I am driving past there on the way back from dropping family back to the Midlands the day before his party trip. What better excuse for a 2 day hire?

Some time alone with the X on the way home, a surprise for my car-mad son when I get there and some FWD displays for his mates when they load up to go to the party :sneaky:.

I'll have it for the Monday morning school run before having to give it back and jump back in to the Outlander. Maybe I'll be able to afford one of my own in a couple more years :whistle:. Now I'm no longer towing a caravan, the X with the tow pack to accommodate the bike rack would be a perfect substitute for the Outlander to get me entirely EV.
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